PRINCE2 Course or PRINCE2 Manual?

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is owned by AXELOS. They are in charge of the whole process around the PRINCE2 examinations.

PRINCE2 is a short-form for PRojects IN Controlled Environment. PRINCE2 is a project management practice that can be applied to projects from a wide range of backgrounds.

PRINCE2 is built on the wide experience gained from many projects. The building blocks of PRINCE2 are the lessons learned and best practices from these projects.

What is PRINCE2 certification?

It is a project management qualification that is great to have and in high demand in many countries. It comes in 3 levels. The first of the three levels is known as the PRINCE2 foundation. Next is the PRINCE2 practitioner. At the top is PRINCE2 professional.

What is PRINCE2 course?

A PRINCE2 course is a formal training course for PRINCE2 aspirants. It is a general practice for PRINCE2 aspirants to take a PRINCE2 course before a PRINCE2 exam. A PRINCE2 course can only be offered by an approved trainer. A PRINCE2 trainer who is accredited by AXELOS is the one that is approved to offer a PRINCE2 course.

What is the structure of a PRINCE2 course?

PRINCE2 courses come in all shapes and sizes these days to suit various PRINCE2 aspirants’ needs. A PRINCE2 course can be a formal class room based PRINCE2 course offering full PRINCE2 training. Or it can be an online interactive PRINCE2 course. A PRINCE2 course can be offered by mail or email as a PRINCE2 study guide with access to a real PRINCE2 trainer on phone, internet and chat etc.

Where can I find an approved trainer for a PRINCE2 course?

You can check out the full list of approved PRINCE2 course trainers from AXELOS certified partner search.

Do I have to take a PRINCE2 course? Is a PRINCE2 course mandatory for a PRINCE2 certification?

No, it is not mandatory to do a PRINCE2 course.

Can I study for PRINCE2 certification myself?

Yes you can do a self-study of PRINCE2 Manual.

What is Prince2 Manual ?

The book known as Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2: 2009 Edition, is the official PRINCE2 Manual. This book is a direct publication from the OGC. This book details all of the PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes etc. This book is considered a vital reference guide for anyone using the PRINCE2 practice.

The PRINCE2 Manual covers all the 7 themes, 7 principles and 7 processes.

What is the advantage of studying the Prince2 Manual ?

The PRINCE2 Manual is the most authentic version of PRINCE2 concepts, themes and principles etc. as it is directly published by the OGC. Thus, if you chose to study the PRINCE2 Manual, you get access to the most authentic source of PRINCE2 concepts, themes and principles etc. With the PRINCE2 Manual as your primary source of knowledge, you are free from the influence of a third party’s interpretation of PRINCE2 concepts, themes and principles etc.

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