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MSP programme manager is the role that a competent person plays in MSP programme management. The MSP Programme Manager leads and manages all aspects of the MSP programme from Start to Finish. Thus the MSP programme manager is in full control of the MSP programme as he leads and manages the set-up of the MSP programme, delivery of outcomes or capabilities and realisation of benefits and finally closure of the MSP programme.

While the primary responsibility of establishing MSP governance and MSP programme management along with MSP programme delivery lies with the MSP programme manager, the MSP business change manager is responsible for making sure that the organisation adapts itself to the MSP programme outcomes, makes good use of all new capabilities and transitions into the new more beneficial future state. Thus, while the programme-side is taken care of by the MSP programme manager, the business-side of the MSP programme is taken care of by the MSP business change manager.

The MSP programme manager will normally be appointed as part of forming the team for ‘ MSP Defining a Programme ’. However, it is interesting to note that someone with MSP programme management perspective in action while the MSP programme brief and plans for programme definition are developed in ‘ MSP Identifying a Programme ’.

What are the responsibilities of the MSP programme manager ?

In one short sentence, we may say MSP programme manager is fully responsible for all the aspects of MSP programme management and run the MSP programme in alignment with the recommendations of the managing successful programmes manual.

Responsibilities of MSP Programme Manager | Ramaaa Consultants Limited | Manoj Gajavelli MSP | Experts in MSP Programme Management | Specialists in Training and Consulting


To be more specific though, the responsibilities of an MSP programme manager cover the below:

  1. Leading the start-up activities like ‘ Identifying a Programme ‘ or ‘ Defining a Programme ‘,
  2. Planning and designing the MSP programme and MSP governance framework,
  3. Developing and maintaining the right environment for the MSP programme in such a way that all projects within get good support,
  4. Developing the MSP programme budget and maintaining the same by keeping track of expenditures and costs against the benefits delivered by the MSP programme,
  5. Leading and supervising the daily routine MSP programme management activities,
  6. Co-ordinating the projects in the MSP programme and their interdependencies,
  7. Proactively monitoring the progress, resolving issues while maintaining overall integrity and coherence of the MSP programme,
  8. Responding with additional activities or management interventions as appropriate when any gaps are identified or issues are raised,
  9. Protecting the coherence of the architecture within the MSP programme by a design authority element,
  10. Representing the MSP senior responsible owner as his agent to make sure the MSP programme delivers the desired capability as planned and reporting regularly to the MSP senior responsible owner on the progress of the MSP programme,
  11. Acting as a facilitator in the appointment of people to the project delivery teams and making sure the resources and skills are allocated as efficiently as possible,
  12. Making sure that the projects deliver products and services that meet the quality, schedule and cost limits of the MSP programme,
  13. Making sure any third parties involved make the right contributions to the success of the MSP programme,
  14. Managing all relevant stakeholders and the communications with them,
  15. Closing the MSP programme. 

What are the key attributes of an MSP programme manager?

The most important quality a person should have to become an MSP programme manager is the ability to manage the MSP programme as recommended by the MSP manual. Ideally the person taking up the role of MSP programme manager would be certified in Managing Successful Programmes.

The below can be listed as widely accepted attributes of an MSP programme manager:

  1. Personal ability and attitude to work well with a wide range of stakeholders at all levels and make a positive contribution in all such dealings,
  2. Having the expertise and experience than can help in developing and sustaining good working relationship with all people on the MSP programme including the MSP senior responsible owner, MSP programme board,  MSP business change manager, people at all levels in MSP programme management sponsoring group,  MSP programme management organisation and MSP programme management leadership, senior managers and other project teams etc.
  3. Being a great leader to accept the responsibilities that the MSP programme manager role brings with it,
  4. Being able to have a wide perspective and understand the impact the MSP programme objectives would have on the wider area of the business,
  5. Ability to gain the trust among people from all levels and to influence them in such a way that the MSP programme delivers the outcomes as desired,
  6. Great experience and knowledge on all areas of MSP programme management expertise as described in the managing successful programmes manual ,
  7. Good knowledge of various project management methodologies like PRINCE2 as described in the PRINCE2 manual,
  8. Innovative thinking in problem solving,
  9. Ability to manage the finance and other resources wisely for the success of the MSP programme.

MSP Programme Manager | Ramaaa Consultants Limited | Manoj Gajavelli MSP | Experts in MSP Programme Management | Specialists in Training and Consulting.

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