What is PRINCE2?

The term PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, Version 2. PRINCE2 is one of the best project management methods in the world. PRINCE2 has been developed in the U.K. and is used as a standard in all the U.K. Government projects. It is also used in some projects outside the government in the UK. 

What is PRINCE2 based on?

PRINCE2 is based on the inputs from a large number of 1. projects, 2. project sponsors, 3. project managers, 4. project teams, 5. researchers, 6. academics, 7. trainers and 8. consultants etc. PRINCE2 took its shape from PROMPT and PRINCE – originally developed in the year 1989 by the CCTA.

What is PRINCE2 Framework?

PRINCE2 provides a strong framework that gives full guidance in the essentials of managing a project well. It is an easy to learn and a flexible method that can be adapted to various types of project.

PRINCE2 focuses more on the management aspects of a project at a high level. It does so by isolating these from the specialist and technical aspects of the project, such as SME, design, and testing etc. Thus it serves as a good framework for the project with the specialist aspects of the project aligned with PRINCE2.

What is PRINCE2 History?

PRINCE was first developed as a standard method to be used in the UK government IT projects. It soon became widely applied outside the IT  both in the UK government and in the private sector too around the world.

PRINCE2 was released as a generic project management method in the UK in the year 1996. It soon got very popular and is now the standard method in the UK government and across the UN.

What is PRINCE2 latest Edition?

PRINCE2 rights are currently (since 2013) owned by AXELOS, a joint venture of HM Cabinet Office and Capita plc. PRINCE2 latest edition was launched in 2009. This is much more lighter and simpler than the earlier edition.  This took great care in addressing earlier weaknesses, and retaining the base on its principles from 1996. It also adapts itself to the changed business environment in the world. And it integrates better with other AXELOS Global Best Practice methods like ITIL, P3O, P3M3, MSP, M_o_R etc.

The PRINCE2 2009 comes with two manuals named as: 1. ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 – 2009 Edition‘ and 2.’Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 – 2009 Edition‘.

What are PRINCE2 Elements?

PRINCE2 has four key elements for a project – 1. Principles, 2. Themes, 3. Processes and 4. the Project Environment. It manages these as one unit so as to provide a secure and controlled framework for the project.

What are PRINCE2 Principles?

PRINCE2 bases itself on 7 key principles which are the guiding requirements and good practices. It is mandatory to apply all of these to a project to consider it a PRINCE2 project.

The 7 principles of PRINCE2 are: 1. Continued Business Justification, 2. Learn from Experience, 3. Defined Roles and Responsibilities, 4. Manage by Stages, 5. Manage by Exception, 6. Focus on Products and 7. Tailor to suit the Project Environment.

What are PRINCE2 Themes?

PRINCE2 has 7 themes with it that cover many aspects of project management. These must be catered to throughout the project life cycle. The 7 themes of PRINCE2 are: 1. Business Case, 2. Organization, 3. Quality, 4. Plans, 5. Risk, 6. Change and 7. Progress.

What are PRINCE2 Processes?

PRINCE2 has 7 processes to describe the steps of the project from start to finish. These come with checklists of 1. recommended activities, 2. products and 3. related responsibilities for each process.

The 7 processes of PRINCE2 are as named here: 1. Starting Up a Project, 2. Directing a Project, 3. Initiating a Project, 4. Controlling a Stage, 5. Managing Product Delivery, 6. Managing Stage Boundaries and 7. Closing a Project.

The PRINCE2 framework needs to maintain various documents during the project life cycle. These are as named below:- 1. Business Case, 2. Risk Register, 3. Quality Register, 4. Issues Register, 5. Lessons Log and 6. Daily Log.

What is PRINCE2 certification?

PRINCE2 offers certifications at 3 levels for people who want to get them. These are: 1. PRINCE2 Foundation, 2. PRINCE2 Practitioner and 3. PRINCE2 Professional. It requires passing the exams with the pass-score by the aspirants.

 What is PRINCE2 Foundation?

PRINCE2 foundation is a multiple choice type of exam that lasts for one hour. It tests a candidate’s knowledge of the PRINCE2 method. It consists of 75 questions, 5 of which are trial questions which do not carry a mark. Of the remaining 70 questions which do carry a mark, the candidate needs to score 50% or more (i.e. 35 or more) to pass.

What is PRINCE2 Practitioner?

The PRINCE2 practitioner exam with 8 topics, has 10 questions per topic making a total of 80 marks and lasts for 2.5 hours. This exam tests how able a candidate is to apply the PRINCE2 topics to a project scenario. The pass mark is 55%, which is 44 marks or more out of 80. Passing the Foundation exam is a pre-requisite for sitting the Practitioner exam.

What is PRINCE2 Professional?

PRINCE2 professional was introduced in the year 2012. It is awarded to one, after a 2.5 day long residential assessment of the person in group exercises and activities etc. The assessment is in more general capabilities such as team working, which is not specific to PRINCE2. Passing the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is a pre-requisite for sitting the Professional assessment.

What is PRINCE2 Examination Process?

The following points explain the PRINCE2 exam process:

1. PRINCE2 examinations can be sat by candidates who attend an accredited training course, or

2. by those who purchase an accredited eLearning course,

3. Candidates who self-study may also purchase an exam via the APM Group’s web site and can then sit the exam at a public exam centre, or at a British Council office, and

4. PRINCE2 Foundation exam may also be sat at home, with a live proctor observing the candidate virtually via webcam.

What is PRINCE2 Register?

The PRINCE2 register is published by the APM Group. It consists of details of successful candidates. It is available on the internet.

What is PRINCE2 Trainer Accreditation?

The PRINCE2 trainers must be re-accredited every 3 years. They need to undergo a surveillance once every 12 months. This can be either in the form of 1. a visit by an assessor to a training course or 2. a telephone interview. This assesses their professional knowledge and training capability.

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